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Deploy Security

With the vast range of options and products on the market, it can be a daunting process working out the best security system to suit you now and in the future without unnecessary cost. We’re up to date and fully trained and licensed to advise and install the latest electronic technologies to provide the best level of security for your premises at the most affordable price possible.

Our team of experts can ensure that you get value for money and long-lasting service from all your security installations.

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Home Security

Home Security Brisbane

With increasing levels of break-ins in cities and rural areas, it’s important to ensure that your home and property is securely protected.

We provide a comprehensive range of top quality high tech alarms, access control devices and bug sweeps to ensure the complete security of your home and family around the clock.

Our team can advise you on the best products and layout of security systems to suit your particular requirements to keep your home secure, particularly when you’re absent.

Office Security

Office Security Gold Coast

Whatever business you’re in, your office contains important and expensive equipment that is costly to replace if you suffer a break-in.

Security devices also help prevent accidents and can provide valuable information to help you keep your office running smoothly and safely.

We can install CCTV systems anywhere in your office, either for general security or in hidden situations to help prevent crime and injury.

We’re experts at all kinds of security installations including upgrades, site planning using a wide range of camera equipment, bug sweeps, alarms and disarming, either self-monitored or centrally monitored.


Surveillance Brisbane

Surveillance systems are an investment in prevention, saving you significant time, money and hassle by giving you visual contact with what’s going on in your premises at any time.

With CCTV systems, physical counter surveillance regimes and monitoring and tracking through our professional services, you can keep your premises safe at all times.

We’re experts in electronic security with the experience to enable us to find a solution to your security needs either through effectively upgrading your existing systems or replacing them.